XBStation Command Line Interface on Raspberry Pi


XBStation provide set of commands line to interact with XBStaiton software, use to initialize, maintain, autostart, login, ...

1. Checking Status

sudo xbstation status


 There are 2 state:

  1. Running
  2. Dead


2. Login/LogOut

sudo xbstaiton setup


Then, choose login/logout option


3.  Stop

Stop the software

sudo xbstation stop


4. Start software

sudo xbstation start 


5. Restart software

sudo xbstation restart 


6. Enable Auto Start Software at boot

sudo xbstation enable-autostart 


7. Disable Auto Start Software at boot

sudo xbstation disable-autostart 


8. Check Username, Version, Connection Infor

sudo xbstation setup 


'Then choose option [0]


9. Reboot

sudo xbstation setup 


Then choose option [4]