Installing XBFirm Package


OS supported:

  • Debian Stretch Lite
  • Debian Stretch With Desktop
  • Debian Buster Lite
  • Debian Buster With Desktop

Video tutorial

On Raspberry Pi, open a shell or terminal window and run the following commands:

  • Install wget
sudo apt-get install wget

Download setup file

  • With Debian Stretch Lite or Debian Stretch With Desktop

  • With Debian Buster Lite or Debian Buster With Desktop
  • Change the access permissions
sudo chmod +x
  •  Run file
sudo ./

 The installation time is approx 10 minutes - 15 minutes.

When the installation is complete

Type "1" to choose "Login" option

Then type "4" to reboot your Raspberry Pi, and the software will be auto start. You need to wait about 60s for preparing

Checking status

After login and reboot, XBFirm will be run automatically. To make sure the software on Companion Computer work, you can check XBFirm status by type this command:

sudo xbstation status

For more xbstation command line interface, please refer this link: