Remote control your Raspberry Pi from a PC, Linux or Mac computer using SSH

SSH (also known as ‘secure shell’) is an encrypted networking technology that enables you to manage computers from the command line over a network

Step 1: Create a account:
Step 2: Setup Rasp Pi
  • On your Rasp Pi, run command: sudo weavedinstaller
  • Sign In Menu, choose option 1: "Sign in to your existing account" and input your username and password
  • Enter a name for device, example: Pi_XBStation_01
  • Main Menu, choose option 1: "Attach/reinstall to a Service"
  • Protocol Selection Menu, choose option 1: "SSH on Port 22", and enter a name for this service (EX: SSH-Pi-XBStation)
  • Setup done, on Main Menu, choose option 4 to exit
Step 3: Remote control your Raspberry Pi from a PC using SSH
  • Now go to web site and sign in. You should see your device in device list, click it:
  • You will see a pop-up window with available services selected during setup step, click preferable one and "Confirm"
  • Copy and paste one of these command lines into your terminal window, based on your SSH username, the default password for username pi is: "xbstation"

That's it! You can use other services as well depending on your project needs and setup. It is really simple and secure, and limits number of opened ports in your home network