XBStation Timeline

Update MissionPlanner XBStation 1.2.7

14, May, 2019

  • Fix Compass
  • Station ground control:

Release XBStation-1.4

14, May, 2019

  • VPN
  • Upgrade XBStationManager-1.4
  • Ground control station for Android device
  • Fix Recording Video
  • Upload recording video to Dropbox
  • Control Rasp Pi via SSH
  • Startup Option: Auto Start Firm, auto Start VPN
  • Station ground control:

    • QGroundControl XBStation-1.4 for Windows: Link Mediafire
    • QGroundControl XBStation-1.4 for Android: Link Mediafire
    • MissionPlanner 1.2.6 (No VPN, we will release MissionPlanner-1.4 with VPN later): Link Mediafire
  • Firm:

Update XBStation-1.2.5 beta

01, April, 2019

Firm for Odroid XU-4

Release XBStation-1.2.5 beta

19, March, 2019

In this beta release, register account is free, the account will expire in 2 months from the date of registration

The maximum resolution is 800x600 pixels


QGroundControl: https://github.com/NhanNgo2306/QGroundControl-XBStation