About us

About us, about our project, about our team, about our dream: Walking in the Sky!

Our Dream

XB uav is a project to design and build an 3d printing UAV with mapping, video streaming capabilities via 3G/4G LTE or long range data-link connection.

We’re trying to make the price in the lowest-possible, from 1800$ and the component in the most durable-possible.

Time scale:

  • Project started October 2016
  • Concept phase, requirement phase and development phase completed
  • Currently in finalisation/production phase

Our Office
Our Office


  • The wings are printed with high quality filament with high precision
  • All component is cover by composit material for increase durable and strength
  • Produce high lift, low drag (CL/CD) = 20 and stable

Risk and Challenge:

XB uav is on going project, We’ve just finished development phase. Next, we will upgrade the prototype to a perfect product which can be easy assemble, repair, maintain and beautiful design. Now, we need your help to our final goal, bring the 3d printing UAV to everywhere.

Our Prototype

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The NewLight p1

Current Prototype


Meet the Team

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Nhan Ngo

Software Engineering, Full-stack Developer

Team Image

Trinh Phung